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Lettering Today and Tomorrow

LETTERING TODAY AND TOMORROW was an ambitious three-year programme of projects presented in Ditchling, Sussex through a partnership between The Edward Johnston Foundation and Ditchling Museum. Its programme of exhibitions, public talks, practical sessions, publications and work with schools explored key issues in contemporary lettering arts.

The programme's long term purpose is to enable the establishment of a centre for the lettering arts in Ditchling - home to the twentieth-century revival of the lettering arts in Britain.

1999: Handwriting: Everyone's Art

This programme looked at the potential for craftsmanship, beauty and expressiveness in contemporary handwriting. During May workshops were held in Ditchling with the American calligrapher David Mekelberg. There was a programme of talks and demonstrations by leading crafts people.


2000: Font: Sumner Stone, Calligraphy and Type Design in a Digital Age

FONT explored the relationship between calligraphy, type and the new digital technology through the work of one of the world's great type designers Sumner Stone. As well as being shown at Ditchling the exhibition travelled to De Montford University, Lincoln where it was on display from November to December 2000 and was at Reading University from mid-January to the end of March 2001.


2001: Spring Lines: Contemporary Calligraphy from East and West

How are the three ancient calligraphic traditions of Japan, China, and the Arab world facing the political and technological changes of the twenty-first century? In what way is exposure to their work affecting calligraphy in the west? The programme in Ditchling from April to June 2001 included classes and public events staged by the Zen calligrapher, poet and activist, Kazuaki Tanahashi.

A joint EJF/Society of Scribes

Pen and Print: The Legacy


St Bride Printing Library
Bride Lane, Fleet Street
London EC4Y 8EE

Preview and opening lecture, Tuesday 3 October 
Exhibition, Wednesday 4 to Thursday 19 October 2006


Preview 5.30pm and opening lecture 7.00pm, Tuesday 3 October

Speaker Gerald Fleuss has been a working calligrapher and illuminator for the past 30 years. He is the co-author (with John Nash) of Practical Calligraphy (Hamlyn 1991) and is a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators. His work is included in public collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Houghton Library, Harvard University. Gerald Fleuss is the Founder-Chairman of The Edward Johnston Foundation, dedicated to increasing a public awareness of calligraphy and its associated disciplines.


Wednesday 4 to Thursday 19 October

The exhibition marked the centenary of the first publication of Edward Johnston’s influential Writing and Illuminating, and Lettering in 1906 - it has been in continuous print ever since. Johnston’s teaching and philosophy was shown through contemporary work in many mediums including formal penmanship, carved and engraved lettering and modern typeface design. Calligraphy is thereby seen as the root of our various lettering systems.

The exhibition was jointly curated by the Edward Johnston Foundation and the Society of Scribes and Illuminators.